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Never Gonna Be

Just before hitting a studio session, a conversation with friend and fellow artist Moyo about racism and the increase of violent racial crimes in Ireland inspired the track. The song reflects on the huge impact such horrific acts has for the person involved and all the people around them. How life can change so drastically after. 


About the song she says ‘I thought it would be good to shed light on that topic. I hope it can be understood that I’m not speaking from an American point of view but an Irish one. It’s sad how such racial crimes can strain families and change a person’s life forever hence ‘Never Gonna Be The Same’.


'Never Gonna Be' was created during a Diffusion Lab songwriting camp where she worked closely with acclaimed producer Benza and Irish artist Moyo, the perfect combination of talent for the track. The trio bounced off each other in terms of energy and ideas for the song.

Never Gonna Be Artwork .jpg

Higher State ft. Jafaris

'Over the years I’ve learned a lot about reaching a ‘Higher State’ from reading self-help
books. I’ve always been interested in self improvement and doing any shadow work in order to get
to a better place, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally. When I was around 14/15 I feel like I had an enlightening moment where I realised my existence. I didn’t like anything about myself so I decided that I wanted to figure out how I could change that. I did that by opening up my mind to new ways of life.  I love reading self-help books or books on spirituality or natural medicine. I feel like music is my therapy so I always push myself to word anything I feel as best as I possibly can. That’s why lyricism is very important to me because it’s really about me using this
outlet to really delve deep into what I want to say at that specific time. I don’t think I have personally reached a ‘higher state’. But I can definitely hear the progression in my storytelling from the music I’ve put out over the years. I think ‘Higher State’ is more of a journey than a destination.

‘Higher State’ also represents how she approaches writing her music ‘ I’ve always enjoyed reading and learning about new things whether their of my own interest or not. With music, I always want to push my limit in terms of the depth of what I’m saying and how it feels to a listener. I can’t share anything beneficial or new if I as an artist don’t expand my mind’.

Sweetlemondae worked with label Diffusion Lab’s maestro producer, Benza on the track, who guided the trippy sonic elements of the track, fitting perfecting with the subject of finding a ‘Higher
State’. Fellow label-mate, Jafaris while working in a neighbouring studio dropped in on the session,
creative juices flowed and a verse was written that brought the track to a new level.

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